My Handwriting: the messier and more cursive it gets, the more I am in the zone



One thing I’ve come to notice about myself & my handwriting is the more I am in the (personal) zone, the messier my handwriting looks. What I meant by ‘in the zone’ is when the inspiration is flowing like a pleasant river. In a different occasion, my handwriting can manifest into a more discernable appearance when it is needed for sociable visual representation for other (istilahnya jaim ye; i.e nulis di kartu undangan, dll, kan ye ndak mungkin juga mbikin susah orang lain atau bahkan stress gegara tulisan ngga kebaca doang). .
As a Xennial, I somehow need pen-paper before going completely on screen. However, I can also completely go on the screen directly but there will be times when I need a pause and make scribbles in between. It’s completely different from my Millenial colleagues who can be completely paperless in the writing process. So admirable!😗
Oh yes. I can do cursive or non-cursive writing equally well. However, it has a tendency to be more cursive when it gets messier. Therefore, when it comes to graphology, I’m still not sure whether to ‘test’ it in the handwriting while I’m in the zone or while I’m not.
I’m also aware that I often get lost in my own messy handwriting. However, it is funny that by identifying consistent “shape” for certain messiness, I always manage a way to finally ‘reading’ them (like a visual code). For instance, for the word ‘usually’, my messy version of it does not display correct order of alphabets (sually, ually) but by identifying this incomplete visual cursive representation, I manage to read it correctly😂
One other weakness I have is that my brain works faster than my mouth or my hands and therefore, what I am thinking is often said or written in a completely-delayed manner. My mouth & hands can’t keep up with my brain😂.
Dear my messy handwriting, you deserve a place on my blog. I don’t want to conceal you anymore because your ‘messiness’ appearance is part of an important writing process that I’d like to acknowledge & appreciate more. Thesis: My handwriting is messy when I’m inspired/in the zone. The more I’m inspired, the messier the handwriting is😂
#XennialReflection #Handwriting

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