My Kind of Perseverance


Be brave. The world is going to judge you by your cover until the end of your journey on earth. Those who don’t are part of your blessings. So count them every day.
It is inevitable and you can’t make or force others to perceive you the way you want them to. Yet, you can always choose to not doing so to others. You know how peaceful the reward can be. Yes, deep down you know.
Be mindful. Be positive. Always. As the one who judges you the worst is actually teaching you about the greatest form of perseverance. The more you understand about yourself and make peace with all of your flaws, the more you persevere. To me, perseverance is a gift from Allah SWT to let you know that He can heal any of your wound, no matter how severe it is. When you persevere, know that one wound of yours is healed.
When you are misunderstood, you can try to explain. You can try sharing your understanding, perspective, and views but you can’t force those on them. The farthest thing you can do is responding to it accordingly and when it doesn’t go the way you hope for, let nature takes its own course. Understanding others requires empathy and goodwill. They can’t be forced onto. They spark from within.
The more you persevere, the more you learn to separate between people and their hurtful words. People are good but their hurtful words are the shadow of their ignorance. Learn from people, not their ignorance. However, when your level of perseverance is growing, you will still be able to find lessons from those hurtful words and not get carried away by your negative emotions.
This takes a lifetime. This is a lifetime effort. This is part of why you were born on earth. This involves your ability to cope with your ups and downs. You will cry, have doubts, be angry, be disappointed but you can always choose to not let them grow into despair. The fruitful journey of your perseverance on earth will be your “fuel” for your afterlife journey, insya Allah.
May 20, 2018

Wellington – New Zealand.


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