Call me old-fashioned

Call me old fashioned but sometimes, I just need to get away for a while from the screen and keyboard to do some thinking and sense making with only just papers and pencil. . Handwritten scribbles is important for me to figure out things; not faster but deeper. . To me, a quiet moment from…

On Being an LPDP Awardee

  Terima kasih ya Rabb utk berkahMu. Terima kasih LPDP utk kesempatannya. Terima kasih Pak Jokowi untuk dukungannya. Thank you Victoria University of Wellington for having me. Terima kasih mama untuk doanya. Terima kasih suami untuk doa, support, dan pendampingannya. . On being an awardee of LPDP scholarship. . A PhD journey abroad is more…

Finding Happiness

  One of the valuable and meaningful experiences studying abroad is learning to immersively “educate” myself for truly-actually being happy for someone else’s happiness without the “but”. . Ok. Why on earth should it be”immersively educate”? It is because the learning process needs to be experienced firsthand (not through reading books or watching Youtube video)….

Alumnae’s Speech Video

Upon a very kind request from my almameter; Faculty of Language and Arts, Soegijapranata Catholic University Semarang (UNIKA), this video was created to congratulate “adik-adik” graduates in FLA’s graduation party – December 2017. All the best and Carpe Diem! 🙂