Spring-Snow-Sledding Time @ Mount Ruapehu!

Ruapehu, with love. This is how it feels to play out in the snow in the spring: cold but quite warm, alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

“Getting in touch” with nature is part of my get-up-and-go-remedy. By doing so, it creates a balance to the vibe I am in now. Luckily, I don’t need to face any nosebleeds or any discomfort by snow as what I had been through when I was in the USA. Here, the snow is such a friendly gal (I said here is in the context of North Island ya…belum ke South island yg bisa lebih duingin berkali-kali lipat. Well, itu nanti ajah, I still have quite plenty of time to go there, insya Allah, with my husband…and that will be more exciting I guess) πŸ™‚

With +/- 4 hours drive from Wellington, then there it goes: a very friendly snow playground. Baru bisa “catching up” Spring ini karena waktu Winter kemaren, rada “umeb” krn adjustment for re-routing my academic “stuff”. Alhamdulillah walaupun sudah agak berkurang snow nya (unlike waktu Winter kemaren yg masih tebel), it is a quite sufficient snow-play kok hehe πŸ™‚

It’s so true that a PhD journey is like no other; it is completely different from my master journey or any of my academic journey beforehand: perlu refreshing yang ndak “sembarangan” refreshing. Now, I need to “formulate” my own get-up-and-go remedy to overcome the ups and downs of this particular-unique journey: one of them is by getting in touch with nature more and taking its “vibe” to balance the negative energy which might harshly “tailing” around while I am too much preoccupied with the study. Well, playful study; studious play…maksudnya begitu hehe. And, it has been good; New Zealand is fortunately an excellent “provider” for this kind of “treatment”: by exploring nature, chances are, you are also exploring about yourself, reflecting a lot along the way πŸ™‚

Step by step, I am discovering things along the way and it has kept me engaged, alhamdulillah. New Zealand is full of surprises, love it! Hopefully I could visit Mount Ruapehu again with my husband; belajar pacaran lagi, out of our comfort zone (karena out of comfort zone ndak cuma untuk bekerja atau belajar, tapi juga untuk rediscovery of sa-ma-ra: skainah, mawadah, warahmah…aamiin yra πŸ™‚

With love from Mount Ruapehu,
Spring 2015

*abaikan ke-ungu-an sayah πŸ˜›


IMG_20150913_080410-1-1 12002641_10207892343851238_8355317582365342313_o 11953460_10207892336851063_5429379554995922072_o IMG_20150913_235137 IMG_20150913_235124 IMG_20150913_235108 IMG_20150913_235054 IMG_20150913_235041 IMG_20150913_234955 IMG_20150913_234855 IMG_20150913_234921 IMG_20150913_234808 IMG_20150913_234732 IMG_20150913_234552 IMG_20150913_234321 IMG_20150913_234421 IMG_20150913_234221 IMG_20150913_234300 IMG_20150913_234139 IMG_20150913_234105 IMG_20150913_233814 IMG_20150913_233523 IMG_20150913_154553 IMG_20150913_232402 IMG_20150913_152409 IMG_20150913_152537 IMG_20150913_152615-1 IMG_20150913_152821-1 IMG_20150913_154525


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