To all of my fellow Soul Travelers…


Mungkin ini hanya perasaan saya saja, but somehow, when I have found people with the same “wave”, all of a sudden, the boundary of age dissapears; poof. It doesn’t mean to disrespect. It’s just…when my wave is connected to others with similar one, all I can feel is transcendental bliss. However, it doesn’t happen often. Most definitely it is by surprise. Through the way they write, say, think, express their thoughts through words, phrases, sentences, ideas, and even context! This is not judging; this is the way I “read” and understand people.

So far, it has been verified 95% (through my life experiences) that meeting these similarly-waved people has been a rare-but-full-of blessing-in-disguise opportunity where I don’t usually meet them often, in person (usually ocean apart) but when we have a chance to converse our thoughts, that kind of “conversation” lasts forever. I call them my fellow soul travelers. Such a blessing! Alhamdulillah.

To you…yes, you. You know who you are and I think our souls traveled centuries ago and will be “traveling” again together in the other dimension in another realm, insya Allah. You have been giving me good influence and teaching me to never stop learning to be a better person. So until then, stay passionate!Β 


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