A Heartbeat Away



We have been given a “privilege” to experience long distance relationship again (from dating until we are married now). This kind of privilege is not for every couple but we continue to be grateful for it as we have learnt so much in a way that we are strengthened by it. The ups and downs are there and we continue to learn from each other by being who we truly are. Three years and counting and all we can say is Alhamdulillah, Insya Allah, and Bismillah for every hope and dream we have in building our love & life together.

Along the way, we have developed a sense of understanding that might be different from other couples but that’s just fine, because every couple has different path and journey as well as the preferences to go along with them. Differences are good in a way that they give us perspective to understand everything deeper. In the midst of struggles, we believe that every struggle we have, comes with countless blessings in disguise and that we always try our best to perceive it positively. Yes, we have also learnt that distance is not the issue. It is all about mantaining communication as it is an important foundation to explore and find meaning to and of each other. Semoga ikhtiar, mimpi, cita-cita, harapan, dan niat baik kami berdua diberikan jalan yg terbaik oleh Allah SWT.

One thing we have learnt is that there’s no such thing as trivial topic in our way of communicating. Every topic, word, sentence and phrase, as simple as it may be, is woven into something priceless in our hearts. This is how we are learning from each other. Karena pada dasarnya, semuanya kembali ke asal muasal, mengapa kami berdua bisa bertemu, suka, jatuh cinta, menikah, mencintai, menyayangi dan menjaga sampai detik ini.

Never in our lives had we thought to be husband & wife (We were elementary school friends and that was how and when we met for the first time). Dari situ kami belajar utk memahami bahwa jika Allah SWT sudah Berkehendak maka tak ada satu pun hal yang mustahil terjadi. Dan, kami pun hanya mampu utk terus belajar bercita-cita, berencana, berusaha, dan menjalani dgn sebaik-baiknya sembari senantiasa memasrahkan segalanya dalam Tangan dan KuasaNya semata. Jika mengingat itu semua, hanya rasa syukur yg menggema, yg insya Allah selalu dapat menjadi reminder kami dalam menghadapi setiap badai yg ada. Karena bagi kami, menikah adalah sebuah keindahan perjalanan yg tidak hanya sebatas fisik namun juga batin, yang ingin kami bawa sampai setelah kami menyelesaikan kehidupan kami di dunia ini menuju Jannah, insya Allah.

I am grateful to have someone like my husband to grow old with. Beliau benar2 memberikan saya ruang seluas-luasnya utk belajar menjadi seorang istri yg juga diberikan kesempatan agar tetap dapat senantiasa mengepakkan “sayapnya” utk mewujudkan mimpi dan cita-citanya, alhamdulillah. Finally, it has been such a wonderful journey in our marriage with us being perfect in our own imperfection. Saling menyempurnakan; saling membahagiakan. ‪#‎BahagiaItuSederhana ‪#‎marriage ‪#‎communication ‪#‎love ‪#‎kawruhjiwa #reflection



June 6, 2015

Wellington, New Zealand




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