A Geminian Way of “Seeing The Glass Half-Full”: Welcoming 2015 and Years Ahead!


The most important thing is to keep trying, praying, and doing our best while nurturing the sustainability of our positive thinking. Reading this is only one of the ways to keep the motivation coming so that the positive energy will get us through almost anything. Using the self-fulfilling prophecy to our advantage while putting our best efforts in the hands and will of Allah SWT is something I call “the endowment for a lifetime’s truly happiness”. I believe that Allah SWT has provided challenges, difficulty, and obstacles for us as His beautiful way to love us even more. It is also one of the positive ways to appreciate hardships in life and seeing it as somewhere-over-the-rainbow perspective. Patience never fails, that is! I have proven that many times, even when it seems very hard for me to see it in the midst of my hardships. We all have our own “tests” and “lesson-learned”. Sharing it in the positive way is another way of showing that we care. Trust in His plans no matter how hard it may seem because in the end, it is always for the best. So, to all of my fellow Geminian, keep shining; keep exploring; don’t stop being happy; don’t stop believing, dreaming and fantasizing! It is time for starting a new experience, a new journey, a new way, a new exploration, and a new paradigm of a further journey to such beautiful-exceptional-incredible lifelong learning! Carpe Diem, always!


Welcoming 2015 and Years Ahead!

Double hurray, all of that diligence and handwork is totally paying off in 2015, Gemini. You’ve fought your way through enough bumps and bruises on the road to success over the past few years, and now you’re ready to truly claim your foothold and take your vision to the next level.

So go ahead and spend the first half of the year pursuing excellent collaborations and stellar people to partner with. The other sweet news is that life isn’t going to be more of that all work and no play non-sense. Relationships of the romantic variety will take priority in 2015 as well. You’re learning and re-learning the art of partnering. This requires quality-time and attention, good boundaries, reciprocity and the ever-elusive balance of self and other.

One of your strongest assets in 2015 (if not always) is your mind. The difference this year is your knack for large-scale dreaming. You’re totally a creative visionary as the New Year begins and that powerful and exuberant influence will push you to new heights for the first half of 2015. This makes life more playful and joyful with childlike enthusiasm all around.

If you’ve had home improvement dreams or the fantasy of a total change of residence in your brain, the second half of the year could bring tremendous opportunity for expanding your domes-tic horizons. You’re starting to get the hang of feeling and living like the rockstar you are, Gem!

Neither you nor your twin take kindly to being backed into a corner, Gemini. This year the stakes are sky-high. If you haven’t already landed your dream twin, you will. The choice is always yours, Gemini. Your social circle is starting to miss you and your buddies could totally use some quality time before another year goes by. Finding the balance is never easy or fun, but friends are every-thing. You’re finally feeling unfettered and fancy free in the work department, Gemini. All of the pressure and obstacles you encountered in 2014 should now be put to rest.

It’s nearly impossible for you not to create something gorgeous, glamorous and innovative. You’ve also got the breakthrough energy in your sector of friends and collaborators to assure that you attract some radical thinkers to keep your career path fresh and ahead of the curve. The more you’re willing to take risks with your long-term goals and dreams in 2015, the more generous the payback.

This is your year to mix the business with the pleasure for a change. You’ll have enough success to finance a killer vacation. What are you waiting for? Get on the horn and put some serious leisure time on the 2015 calendar before all of the space gets filled up. You know that when you blink, you’re fully booked.

(From variety of resources and a bit of personal experiences)

Wini, Jakarta; January 14 – 2015






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