Day-To-Day Mobile “Regime” Set: To me, Online is A New Offline :)



Things I’ve definitely learned so far from being an ‘onliner-virtual villager-mobiler-social medier’- are NOT the importance/significance of how many friends stated by numbers or how many posts/tweets/likes/comments/followers stated by numbers but more to how it helps/assists me in liberating my very rough-endless inner thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions as well as learning to be more strategically conversant to address the ‘gazillion’ of fresh-from-the-oven-flow of information and also disciplining myself to moderately being effective and efficient in ‘verbalizing’ myself online without losing the essence of my personal expressive arts (instead of being excessively counter effective & efficient). Speaking to myself this way has been so much ‘refreshing’.

Every mobile apps I use (Line, WhatsApp, Foursquare, etc) , including every mobile social media apps I use (Twitter, Instagram, Instamessage, Facebook, WordPress, Glipho, etc) have enabled me finding new ways of having further learning thirst and needs within myself. Even now, my mobile connectivity exceeds the existence of my laptop: A single mobile phone (which according to me is not too much advanced or prestigious and pricy but as long as it fulfills my needs, I won’t need anything else). In fact, I’m still learning on how to maximize the utilization of my mobile phone instead of just buying a new gadget such as more mobile phone or tabs. Uh-uh, so far so good to me with having just one mobile phone and a laptop…and yes, I am learning this set of ‘regime’ every single day πŸ™‚

Below are all coming from one single mobile phone πŸ™‚ Does it mean I am shut out from a real world? Does it mean I’m being a loner and lonely? Does it mean I feel disconnected with real life activity? Not at all! In fact, it has given me a whole new meaning and paradigm of how online and offline should be ‘holding hand-to-hand’ harmoniously instead of accusing and scapegoating each other. Nowadays, both are essential. Online and offline are giving life a new ‘definition’ of how becoming a creative-productive-beneficial-up to date-informative global citizen. πŸ™‚

Only one thing I don’t do much, not that I am against it or something but it’s because I don’t have the needs to do it hehe. Yes, when you all see these ‘shots’, you won’t find any game Apps. Oh well, my hubby is the one who has the needs for it so I can understand how he’s enjoying his mobile gaming senses (but not as much as he loves me of course haha). He can be ‘absorbed’ when playing while I am ‘absorbed’ when ‘playing’ my social media haha. My hubby is pretty different from me in terms of mobile and online activity (he’s big on gaming and browsing but not big on social media) but it won’t be a matter though, as long as we have a rational limitation on how much we spend our time online, will it? Well, everybody’s gotta have fave things right? I am only using all of these because I have the needs for it’ I have the enjoyment and pleasure using it; I have find them beneficial for my personal and professional day-to-day dynamic. There you go! Have fun with your mobile and online life and make the most out of it…of course, in a good way and in a best manner possible πŸ™‚


Jakarta, August 24, 2013


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