Flashback on Soulmate


There were times in my life when I was wrong: thinking that “title” is the answer to everything; that success is determined by certain kind of quota; that happiness is made from how much I can prove to the world that I can do anything, be everything; that satisfaction is created by pride; that I can be strong on my own; that I won’t need anyone but me to be great. I was so overpride and arrogant.Β I was so defensive and thinking that everyone is constantly attacking me. I was so thirsty of proving myself in and out. That was before I hit rock bottom.

Losing, failing, being helpless, hopeless, and powerless have taught me that every great thing I achieve will mean NOTHING without someone to share it with. A little too late for me perhaps to finally believe that soulmate exists and I’m just grateful to still be given a chance to meet my soulmate, to share my life with, to trust to, to hang on to, to love, along with my beloved mother and sister of course. A soulmate who can simply give me happiness and wither away my complexities in life. A soulmate who can make me see the beauty of the simplest thing on earth. A soulmate who can show me that happiness is not merely determined by label, status, degree, stamp, or power. A smile from that soulmate I love is priceless and knowing that I’m loved as much as I love is equally priceless.

You can put a quantity and price on every material you have; every label you own; every degree you achieve; every status you get; every product you produce; every work you finish; every stamp and power you hold but NOT on that smile and happiness coming from someone you love and love you back. I am NOTHING without all of that. They teach me so much about the true meaning of love and life. They remind me to get away from being too arrogant. They give me spirit I need to get back on track. They give more meaning to everything I do, have, achieve, own, cherish, and hold. With them, life is more meaningful, colorful, beautiful. With them, every bitterness feels like tenderness.

Life is not just about what you are and do, you know. Life is more about who you are being selfless without those title, status, achievement, material, label, stamp, degree, product, work, and power. Life is about putting a smile on the faces you love and love you back; on the faces you meet by being who you are without those labels. Regarding that, I am still a student on that lesson.

Have you put a smile on someone else’s face today?

Wini, Jakarta

(Peluru Kertas on Reflection, 2013)


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  1. Saya suka blog nie … info terkini… thanks .. teruskan berkarya.
    . semoga lebih ramai yang mendapat manfaat
    dari penulisan awak.

    1. wini says:

      Hi there! Terima kasih! Thank you so much for visiting! I will…amiin yra…u too…semoga selalu sukses ya! Salam hangat! πŸ™‚

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