A Marriage To Me



Every fight, every bitter encounter, every misunderstanding is worth it when our hearts still speak the same language and we can always learn better to love each other again. There’s no such thing as shortcuts or instant ways of a happily ever after in a marriage. It’s an underwater world where we have to try our best to wisely dive without drowning; It’s an outer space horizon where we have to try our best to wisely breathe with no oxygen without dying. However, with the right person whose souls are mirroring each other, any underwater or outer space horizon is always a true paradise (Wini, 2013).

After encountering some discussion and brainstorming with couples who had (and have just had) been very happy celebrating their silver (25 years of marriage) or gold (50 years of marriage) (and even platinum, more than 50 years of marriage) anniversary, I am enlightened in a way where I can see the silver lining of the ups and downs in my own marriage life (even though it is still a long way from silver, gold or platinum). I have been married for almost a year on April 13 this year (2013). Most people say the first five years of marriage is a struggle and the second five years will depend on how the first five years had been handled. Therefore, now I am in a starting point of making it work at my best. In the end, I can only hope, try, and pray that my marriage will last till “death do us apart” in which it can be a priceless legacy for my kids and grand kids later on to cherish, Insya Allah…Amin YRA.

Happy wedding anniversary to any of you who are celebrating today 😉



Jakarta, March 20, 2013


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  1. aszaszi says:

    Very cool site, incredibly intrigued me this article, can I put it on facebbok, surely attract many of your friends here.

    1. wini says:

      Thanks Zi, I’m just glad you find it intriguing. I love being intrigued as well! Sure, you can put it on Facebook or anywhere you like…:)

  2. aszaszi says:

    I just read post and gives me a little to think, I do not agree with everything but I guess that’s it.

    1. wini says:

      Thanks again Zi 🙂 I do appreciate you reading it. We don’t have to always agree but we can always try to understand. Sometimes, being open minded is decent enough 😀 My Blog is a means for myself to have an “exercise” to remind myself for open-mindedness 🙂

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