When Working is Just an Act (Uh-Oh-Ouch!)

(illustration taken from http://www.604republic.com)

One of my friends has just shared me this notion of working dead. I had no clue what it meant until he explained to me that it's actually the simplification of acting like working. Ah-ha, my comic bubble above my head finally blinks. This notion could be someone else's paradise and someone else's hell. That just depends on how deep the passion is rooted.

Further away he said:
"When the big boss cat was away on vacation, the worker mice shared a six pack"

Before I finally said any word (I was opening my mouth and prepared to say something), he cut me off and continued saying:
"I get paid to watch television all day.” — “I get paid to stay in an air conditioned office all day.” — “I get paid to play solitaire all day.” — “I get paid to browse the Internet all day.” — “I get paid to babysit a phone all day.” — “I get paid to attend meetings all day.” — “I get paid to watch the clock all day.”

I said "Wow….sounds like paradise".
He said " Well, it was for quite a while…then my soul felt decomposed"
I asked "what did you do? Did you quit?"
He said "It took me almost 10 years to finally realize to quit, I wish I could do it faster. I was too afraid of taking risks… letting my soul captivated by the insecurity of not being able to pay my bills"
He proceed…"Wini, it was a job I was working so I’d have something impressive to say when someone asked me what I did for a living. It was a job I was working to make my parents proud. It was a job I was working to pay the bills"."Wini, it’s easy to bury your passion beneath a pile of bills and let rationality run your life. I’ve done it, just as many others have and countless others do — but I don’t recommend it"

—-to be continued—–

He made me think a lot afterwards….wondering whether there's an outside-of-the-box alternative for this working dead (unable to fall in love with your job) other than just quitting…Hmmm…There must be some ways…I am sure there must be.

Thanks dude!
The big boss cat and worker mice sounds to co-exist with the context…I got it! hahaha

Wini, Athens, Spring 2009


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    1. wini says:

      uh-oh…sounds depressing what you just described…yes, all of those could end up in an endless tangled web of the working dead society 😦

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