SixthSense Technology: Eliminating The Gap Between Physical and Digital World

Brilliant Idea delivered by Pranav Mistry!
Inovasinya sih sudah sejak tahun 2009 but hopefully it will be developed for greater goods in the future!

Ga perlu dobel-dobel beli tab, pad, laptop, notebook, etc lagi! Bahkan SELEMBAR KERTAS pun bisa berubah fungsi jadi pad, tab, digital camera, game console, laptop, or notebook!
BUKU, KORAN, DINDING, LANTAI pun bisa jadi excellent piece of technology hanya dengan Fingers movement!!!

Watching this video has lightened my day today! I feel inspired and energized for some reasons thinking and feeling that actually this is an ultimate answer to the today’s problems that highlighting about:
1. The Gap between Digital world and physical world
2. Technology making human to be less human
3. Technology has taken us far away from our real connection to physical world
4. It is almost impossible to keep up with the latest gadget (cellphone, tabs, notebook, pads, etc)
5. Technology is highly likely to be less flexible because it really depends on the suitable and required platforms and interfaces
6. technology sometimes can be less friendly and complicated
7. Obtaining data requires certain kinds of password, keywords, etc instead of just gesture or physical display

and…many other “complications” exist between digital and physical world that has created hindrance/difficulty/barrier in our daily life, especially related to technology use.

The future of this sixthsense technology is so brilliant in which it will connect digital and physical world seamlessly…and that is exactly what we need!

No more tiredness in hunting for latest gadget to match specific requirements!
No more overlapping and excessive use of gadgets!
No more stress in trying to find suitable interfaces and platforms!
No more “less-human” interaction!

A Brilliant Discovery! and I think it can reinvent our lives (in every sector/field) with less complications and unnecessary problems/dilemmas!

BECAUSE…Technology is created NOT to make our lives MISERABLE but to make it EASIER. The most important thing is WE CAN STAY HUMAN (instead of “being a robot/machine”).

Jakarta, June 6, 2012



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