A Love story for Cynics; Tingling sensation from Jack, Jill and George

Jill: “I come from an island. It’s called island of hearts and it’s surrounded by the sea of intuition. The days are short and the nights are even shorter. Every dawn, a fresh breeze blows away the static thoughts and the dead ideas…Mmm, it’s nice”

Jack: “I come from planet earth and my people are stubborn and set in their ways. Our ideas don’t float in on a breeze. We plant them in the ground and watch them grow into big a** tree with their big a** roots. I eat dreamers for breakfast”


Jill: “Life’s too short. You gotta do what makes you happy.

Jack: “The thing is…people don’t know what makes them happy. They think they know because we tell them. Real happiness is bad for sale”

Jill: “Are you happy?”

Jack: “Uh, happiness is overrated”

(after a while)

Jill: “I want to climb a tree, wanna come? it’s fun!”

Jack: “Uh, fun is overrated” ..(after a while) “What are you doing?”

Jill: “It’s called holding hands. It’s something people do to show affection”

Jack: “Uh…holding hands is…”

Jill: “overrated? but you’re doing it anyway”


Jill: “Why are you so mean to this? (She’s referring to alarm clock that looks like it has been smashed)

Jack: “Time is a construct, Jill. Some Roman dude took it upon himself to measure shadows and then the rest of the world is bound by these little ticks. But, is it accurate? Hmm…when you’re having fun, time flies, right? but when you stuck in traffic, it stands still. So, is it infinite or completely limited? It’s both! But that piece of junk just sits there and ticks…ticks…ticks…

Jill: “Well, I wish it would just stand still”

Jack: “It can’t. Time is the enemy. We age, we wrinkle, we die. Anyone who tells you different is living in a fairytale”

Jill: “Then, let’s live in a fairytale”

Jack: “I have to work…”

Jill: “Oh rule number 2…believe in fairytale (Rule no 1 is Be Honest)…Whoa! did you just kiss me? (Jack was literally kissing Jill)

Jack: “No I didn’t”

Jill: “Then, what was that?”

Jack: “That was….that …was…a peck!”


Jack: “Here, read this”

Jill: “Okay…- “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Right…so?

Jack: “So…it doesn’t make sense! You can’t pursue happiness. I mean, if it read – you have the gift to pursue your dreams and God willing, that make you happy….that I could buy!”

Jill: “Semantics”

Jack: “No..no…no…no…no! It’s philosophy. Happiness is intangible – an emotion. You can’t pursue it!”

Jill: “Ok, so..you are saying that one of our core values is flawed?”

Jack: “It’s exactly what I’m saying!”

Jill: “Ok…so rule number 6 would be….”

Jack: “Abandon the pursuit of happiness and its false promise” (Rule no 3 is accept time as your friend and not your enemy; rule no 4 is make sure the “nookies” good; rule no 5 is promote beauty – wage a sustained campaign against ugliness; and rule no 7 is show compassion).


Jack: “Let’s take something on”. Coffee…fair trade coffee…let’s do something for those guys”

George: “I don’t have time to dream of fancy campaign for fair trade coffee”

Jack: “Why not?”

George: “Cause Jack…I’m not Mr. Bachelor. I work hard! and when I’m not working hard, I’m spending time with my wife”

Jack: (Scoffs)

George: “Don’t scoff at me…you’re not better than me!”


George: “How’s it coming? anything good? Hmm…”Doop and do it, A little doop will do ya” see…that’s good.

Jack: “Right? it’s classic!”

George: “Dive in the doop…that’s not bad” “Oh this is good…Doop it and poop it, big doop, bigger poop” “Oh, and this one…Doopy Doopy do, who f**** cares? “Great! it’s coming along nicely!”

Jack: (clicks a pen)

Wini, December 2009


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