To the one and only sister I love the most with all my heart!


You came after me four years later
You taught me first about the art of sharing my life
You have been very patience of being my little sister
Even with my most annoying behavior…you are standing still and loving me always
For that…I can’t thank you enough!

Years after years
Time after time
Through all of that ups and downs in life
I’ve seen you growing up and having to acknowledge your amazing self discovery

I still remember those times
when you were so little
Those times when you demanded nothing but instant noodles, crackers, and sweet soy ketchup
For every single thing you ate (and eat actually up until now ;))
Otherwise, you would refuse to eat!

I still remember those times
When you learned about how to identify time and day (and mixed them all up sometimes)
When you learned about money and number counting
Or when you could be so nervous (and had fever or cold) right before big testing day at school

Few year later…Dawson’s Creek got into your age-phase…and dazzled every time you talked about it!
Ah…you were such a sweet but rather quiet teen..Yet, so full of spirit inside.

I probably missed your most precious moments a lot
But I’m not gonna miss this!
This very moment…The moment when you are about to graduate
God! I’m so sorry….but I still can’t let you go as my lil sister…you are always this cute little sister to me (No matter how old you are going to be)

You are going to look so gorgeous on that cap and gown sister!
Even though I can’t literally be there with you but my soul is gonna be there!

I still can’t believe that it is now about time for you to enter a new world
A real jungle…a real struggle
A world where you are going to learn the actual knowledge of the knowledge
A world where it transforms you into the a mature woman…a true being
A world where struggles are the very recipe to the beauty of survival

Ah…your standing hair as you were a baby now has beautifully decorated your beauty
You are a wonderful, smart, and beautiful young lady
Yo have grown a lot…more than I could ever think you would be
Your very adventure is now about to start…and remember…the sky is the limit!

I’m so proud of you just the way you are sista!
Even though sometimes I still want the baby figure of you
So that I could hold and baby sit you…rarely things I did when you were such a little baby
Ah! I just missed that moment

Big day sista…big day!
A stair to the future…A key to success and happiness
Be prepared to open that door with every wisdom in your soul
I wish you the best for everything in your life

Happy graduation my sweet …sweet little sista!
You have officially been handed the key to your very own future

Embrace it with smile and passion!
Once again…Congratulation to you my sweetest little sista!

Carpe Diem!
Cheers to you! (Vitamin C “Graduation – Mode ON)

BY. Pratiwi Wini Artati – proud sister


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