A thank you letter to the past; I did forgive you

See, I don’t wish you ill will. I don’t want you to hurt. I’ve moved past you and on with my life. There was a time I sought revenge and wished you ill, but I don’t anymore. Now, I just want you out of my life. I don’t hurt for you anymore. I’m not angry anymore. I’m not sad, not upset, not worried, not bothered… I simply… don’t… care.

And I didn’t have to do a thing to make that happen.

I have learned the hardest way but it’s all so worth it!

I’m not happy you’re hurting, but I don’t hurt for you. I’m not taking pleasure in your pain, but I’m not feeling pain for or with you.

So did I write this letter to gloat, brag about how good my life is? NO!

I wrote this letter because I want to thank you. I want to thank you for treating me so horribly that I could recognize, truly treasure, when someone came along who treats me good. I want to thank you for leaving, so that I was free to choose to love when he did come along. I want to thank you for being strong enough or stupid enough to walk away when I was not strong enough to do so for myself.

I also want to thank you for giving me back my faith in the universe. I’ve always been told that you reap what you sow, that what goes around comes around, that what you put out there comes back to you multiplied.

It does!

Now I move forward firm in the knowledge that I will get my due, reaping a harvest of love, faith, generosity and gratitude.

life is completely short…pain and sorrow might come and go again. Yet, I just don’t want to hate…anymore…no more

I did forgive you,

Athens, Ohio
Spring 2009


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