ICT Training (Web-Based Educational Content and Application Development) for Teachers in South Kalimantan and South Sulawesi (Borneo), Indonesia in 2010

Having the opportunity to be with teachers in ICT Training for learning (Web-Based Content and Application Development) in South Kalimantan dan South Sulawesi was amazing. The classes where I was the instructor had inspired me to create varieties of approaches to introduce Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the benefits of learning. I was there for the sessions of introducing the potential implementations of educational blog and mailing list that teachers can incorporate in their teaching and learning process. Throughout the sessions, all teachers were enthusiastic, collaborative, and cooperative. They were not hesitant to ask questions whenever they were faced with challenges in creating blogs or finding a way to be collaborative in managing the mailing list. At first, they felt quite overwhelmed by the WordPress’ interface (We were on WordPress to create the educational blogs), but a little later they happened to be so excited exploring every part of the interface such as modifying the themes, embedding video, inserting pictures, posting articles, stories, or any material they found it beneficial to share, commenting and collaborating, etc. Even more, when the session was supposed to be closed off for the day, they continued to have extended time to collaborate with each other and assist with each other until late at night, just to see how things worked and made sure they could do all the practices by themselves.

All of these processes were able to facilitate their creative outlet for some reasons because they were so into it, trying to make the most of their blogs step by step. I admired their passion even though some of the teachers had not yet been exposed too much for blogging. My impression so far is that age doesn’t matter. Both young teachers and senior teachers had been able to collaborate with each other in which they were able to create exciting learning environment in the training. As one of the instructors, I had been able to learn some more about teacher’s mind setting and perspectives towards technology (ICT). As far as I am concerned, teachers are the end-user of ICT. Therefore, they are more interested in the way ICT is incorporated and implemented in teaching and learning process as ready-to-use- applications. This is because most teachers would prefer to have the objective for being more efficient and effective users who can explore deeper forits benefits in the learning implementation rather than being haywired by the installation, hardware, and infrastructure (interoperability aspects).  Therefore, Teacher’s ICT Training for teaching and learning emphasized more on the usability readiness to be incorporated in assisting them in teaching and learning process. This way, teachers can have more focus to develop their ability and creativity to experiment and explore about its direct application to teaching & learning process in and outside classes.

In this opportunity I’d like to say many thanks to ICT Center for Education (Pustekkom) Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia for providing me with the opportunity of being either Person In Charge (PIC) or Instructor for this Training. I thank all of the committee in the provinces who had worked so hard in assisting us in organizing this training in the provincial level: The Head of Provincial ICT Implementation Units (Balai Tekkom) and Provincial Education Board (Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi). Last but not least, thank you to all teachers who had participated in the training. Bravo to all teachers in South Kalimantan and South Sulawesi /Borneo. I wish to see you again for the next level of ICT Training!

Greetings from Jakarta!

Pratiwi Wini Artati


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