Yes, sexism is still prevalent today!

Yes, Sexism is still prevalent today. What is more, there is a perpetuated-form of sexism that leads me to think sexism has reformulate itself, just like what racism is today. It is called ambivalence sexism. Most men do not consider themselves sexist. But in a male dominated world, where the “rules of play” are put in place by males, could some of the ways men adore women also serve to oppress women? This idea has become the root of ambivalent sexism where men create benevolent image, statement, or even treatment that seem to “adore/praise” women but actually it can be pejorative.
In the oldays, hostile sexism seemed to echo more but now it is benevolent one which plays itself. As to illustrate below, how benevolent sexism can be as destructive as hostile one in a more subtle ways:

Hostile Sexism (for example):

* “Most women fail to appreciate all that men do for them.”
* “Women seek to gain power by getting control over men.”
* “Most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.”

Benevolent Sexism (For example):

* “Women should be cherished and protected by men.”
* “Many women have a quality of purity that few men possess.”
* “A good woman ought to be set on a pedestal by her man.”

Being in America literally, I have come to know that blonde women are still be stereotyped in a negative ways and that is so unfortunate for me to hear something like that – knowing that even hair is being discriminated. What blonde hair has got to do with intelligent anyway? It’s just so ridiculous sometimes that it does still exist. Blond this…blonde that….Now, it reminds me of Legally Blonde movie anyway – trying to “interrupt” the cycle of Blonde-negativism by portraying it smarter and luckier…humorously.

In the end, I do also have a hope that someday, men and women could have more sincere understanding towards each other and could be in a same page as a teamwork – completed each other – not against each other by trying to prove who’s the best or who’s the worst.


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