The (“Secret”) Cove: The most horrifying thing! Mind blowing and Heartbreaking!

Deadly serious! How ignorant I have been! I’ve never thought that this big-horrifying issue hasn’t been stopped from happening. It’s like the citizen of the world has been so beyond ignorant. From this, I have learned about the real time bomb issue – which is not the bomb and the war- it’s the mercury poisoning.

I used to think less about the other “citizen” of the world that makes us human as the lead of citizen. Yes, it has never occurred to me that certain species of animals is going for real extinction unless we stop it. I only thought figures and ignored the fact that those endangered species can mark our extinction too as human. This is the consequence of being in top of the food chain, thinking that we can almost eat anything we want with misdirected mind setting that everything will be available for us forever and ever and ever. Well, it’s a bummer!

I got busy thinking of other thing that according to me was bigger issues. I got slapped in the face listening to Rick O’ Balley saying “If we can’t stop that…if we can’t fix that…Forget about the bigger issues. There’s no hope!”

Apparently, I had to be exposed to the horror by itself in order to understand what’s been happening. It got me to think that “Good Lord! There are so many horrors in this world outside the providence of us as being so busy thinking and dealing with humanly business – other than humanly issues, we have the tendency to think it as less important…the worst response would be “Who the hell cares? I got family to take care of, I got dream to reach, I got money to catch, I got work to do, I got to go to school, etc..etc.

I’m not going to display what horror I had seen on screen but it is deadly serious. Other species need us. They do need our help. It’s not only human who needs other human. Will we turn our back when something not human needs our call? This DVD thriller-documentary is more terrifying than any of those scariest horror movies I have ever seen. It’s the sadness, the hopelessness, the anger, the upsetting forces, the “what-can-I-do & how-can-I-not-know-this?” thing, confusion, furious…all mixed into a feeling called brokenhearted.

“Uncover the dolphin slaughter” …That’s what this is about. I can’t understand why we need to eat dolphin meat by slaughtering massive amount of them. This sad story is told from the perspective of Rick O’Balley the one who captured and trained the dolphins used in the TV show Flipper but went on to found The Dolphin Project, which has β€œworked to stop the capture and confinement of dolphins worldwide. He is brokenhearted and trying to make amends of the ignorance he had done:
“I spent 10 years building that industry up and I spent the last 35 years trying to tear it down. When I started out, there were only 3 dolphinaquariums. Today, it becomes a multibillion dollar industry. In all these captures, we helped create the largest slaughter of dolphins on the planet. The dolphin drives begin in September and go through March and estimated 23000 dolphins and porpoises are killed in Japan each year and it’s the captivity industry that keeps this slaughter going”.

This dolphin slaughter leads to rising mercury poisoning that is put in these poor-cloaked sold dolphin meat!

Oh…one more thing. You’ll learn more than just about dolphin. You’ll learn about the government cover up, media blackout, misleading policy throughout the session. I know that Indonesia is not really into this but at least we can always learn something.

What has the dolphin done to us that make us slaughter them so badly? They are just like us, you’ll see…
Just popped out…related to the field I am now…This is part of all of those miseducation of being human…and I’ve just gotten that piece of education this weekend by stumbled upon this DVD which I previously thought to be insignificantly mesmerizing….in turns, I am significantly mesmerized with the heartbreaking horror ever!

And this is the reason why I picked Margaret Mead’s thoughts for this weekend’s brainy-food: “Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals…Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

Hayden Panettiere was recently in Tiji to save Dolphins. Well, of course not all can follow her step just as easy as hers but there’s something we can do from out here all over the world………TEXT DOLPHIN TO 44144 or go to the website

Wini – Jakarta, 2010


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  1. pasha says:

    This is really terrifying!

    1. indeed, Pasha. I’m glad we have the same concern.

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