If I were an online instructor – things to consider

I have never taught online course before but I had experienced online learning by following free online courses to learn about English. Based on my experiences in following online courses, I have discovered several ideas and concepts if I were to teach online course especially for adult learning.

The first to come is about the concept of online learning itself in regards to its model. Teaching an online class is significantly different from a traditional class. An online teacher or instructor should be able to give a thorough concept about his/her class, such as providing a clear syllabus, lesson-plan, accessibility to references needed for learning, and even the information about his/her availability to assist the students in certain period of time. In my opinion, multiplatform model is best be implemented in online learning by combining online and offline mode (web-based and CD Interactive-based). The objective of multiplatform model is to provide students with flexibility and accessibility in engaging multimedia resources. Yet, it’s not enough because somehow online learning limits the interpersonal aspect between the instructor/teacher and the students. This lack of interpersonal aspect will also lessen the effectiveness of learning. To overcome such problem, implementing hybrid system and blended learning format can also be considered in online learning. Hybrid system and blended learning format enable the course to be more customizable to meet various needs of the students.

The second to come is about the idea of how online learning be best implemented. In my opinion, the most important aspects to consider is the integration of technology, the organization, and the interaction level (of instructor/teacher – students). The aspects of technology ranges from the use of learning management system, mobile technology, digital libraries, streaming audio and/or video media, or even reusable learning object and material. The organization refers to a well-constructed syllabus, posting content to the course websites, creating discussion forum, assessment (managing student grade book) and maintaining communication by utilizing course communication tools such as email. The aspect of interaction level refers to intensity and quality of every face to face meeting (or web-conferencing). In face to face meeting, the instructor/teacher and students could possibly discuss deeper and further about problem-solving or other subject of interest.

In the end, there are always significant problems faced by the instructor/teacher with students not taking responsibility for the courses and also poor time management skills. Therefore, providing information on time management skills could be best considered by the instructor/teacher as an extra effort to motivate the students.


Athens, Ohio


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