To all of my dearest friends who already graduated (class of 08)



Back in time I came here…by myself…feeling all alone
I had a doubt to make it through for even a day
I had a fear of failure and pressure I carried within
I saw you…opening up the door
Gently welcoming me, holding my hands, and giving me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my entire life
You said “come and join us…I’ll show you what it means to be the real Athenian and be just who you are in the most delightful way”
I said “I don’t know…I am terrified…petrified…I feel lost”
You said “don’t be…it’s not that bad though…you’ll adjust and you’ll be just fine”
It moved me…it made me…holding your hands without doubt
Grabbing your hands and following you getting in through that door was the best gift of my life

Pages by pages
Chapters by chapters
Months by months
Seasons by seasons
Times flies so imperceptibly
Suddenly years passing by without any further notice
Seeing you with that black elegant cassock is a sign that somehow it’s about time to see that door opened again BUT this time you will say “take care”
Hold on wait!…allow me…let me take this moment to torrentially be emotional for a little while

Indeed…it’s going to be different…it’s going to feel different
This summer…without you guys around
I knew that shortly…I will be realizing something I HAVE TAKEN FOR GRANTED
No more of your occasional pat on my shoulder whenever I am in Alden
No more of your tender hugs whenever I am feeling homesick and all alone
No more of your friendly faces I’ll see along the court street that always cheers me up
No more of your energetic movements I’ll battle on the fields in Ping
No more of your cozy poses I’ll remarkably notice in Donkey
No more of your aura captured in China King…Peking…Grid Lab perhaps?
No more of your craziness I’ll encounter in Casa
No more of your rolling cart crossing mine in Wallmart…Kroeger…Seaman…
I know that Baker will always be Baker BUT it will not be the same anymore somehow…
Frontroom is still there…but without your presence…I’m really gonna need some adjustment…I really am

It’s gonna be a little weird noticing some adjustments I’ll make in my cell phone regarding your athens’ number – I know it’s not gonna be you picking up shortly
Upcoming potluck…holidays…hang-out moments…No more of your sweet (and sometimes) horrible smiles, laughs…ridiculous jokes and other silly stuff
College green will always be green BUT it’s going to be so weird a little to have you not around
I know that soon I won’t be able to watch you guys getting on and off from Bob Cats – which is so trivial but so meaningful
Shortly, feeling you guys in person…eyes to eyes…will be something that is extremely missed and wished to die for

I know that I can’t and I have no right to keep you here any longer…who am I to do that?
I deeply consciously realize that you guys are gonna have to do something BIGGER…A WHOLE LOT BIGGER…HUGE…back in our beloved country
Can’t turn back time, wishing that you would always be there…at the door…for me
Can’t rewind to always set the scene at the very first time…welcoming us…with arms and smile wide open and saying “welcome…make yourself feel at home…” then spending the rest of the day clowning around
Honestly…I totally comprehend that you guys are gonna close that door once again, saying “goodbye…take care…be good” and then disappear…gone with the wind
BUT No!!!!!! Not yet!!! Hang On!!!…I still wanna be emotional…Please stay close for a moment until I finish…

I know…I realize…all that…I can tell you…BUT I just wanna be straightforward telling you that there’s going to be pieces of me inside that has yet to let you guys go
I know it’s so selfish but let me be selfish just until I finish this all

You guys have showed us how to work hard and play hard…Yet…
You have also showed us a whole lot more…many more things…
You have taught us….to see…to experience the real meaning of…
Hard work
Best efforts
You guys have done tremendously for us…as a friend…best friend…sister…brother…family
And I can’t thank you enough for that
In fact, there are no words to best describe about how precious you guys mean to me
Speaking of honesty, I think I still need one more day and another one more…
For tissues and reminiscing memories

As you said…
We are struggling here
Therefore…you said to me that…
I have to be stronger while I am so far away from a place that I call home
I have to be a whole lot tougher when you leave
I have to accomplish the best I can
I have to carry our national flag within me…our national anthem inside me
May red and white will always be my encouragement that reminds me of you guys

And YES…
I will try my best to do as you said
I will try my very best to be the best version of me
I will try my very…very…best to take care of myself so that I will be able to take care of each others too

Sincerely guys…with all my heart…
Thank you so very much
You have no idea how I am so proud of you
For everything that is in you…for everything you are…just who you are
And yes…definitely…without question…that…
I’m gonna miss you beyond measure
I don’t wanna say goodbye…
I’ll catch you up soon…real soon…I promise…
You’re gonna have to be ready…
To open that door…again…with smile..and the very best piece of you
Only this time…will be in our own field…
Take care guys…and let technology do its role while we are apart…
Go! Spread your wings and fly!…as highest as you can be
Don’t forget that…
The sky and the universe are your limit

Until we see each other again…

(Weenee – Athens, June 2008)


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