Strategies to educate gifted children

Teaching Strategies to Educate Gifted Children An assignment paper by Pratiwi Wini Artati more about “Strategies to educate gifted children“, posted with vodpod

Podcast with Wini: Media and Young Adult

I used Skype and connected it with landlines and cell phone. more about “Skype – Podcast with Wini“, posted with vodpod Click here for Excerpts from this Project

Discrimination: Deculturalization of Humanity Values

Introduction If only prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination were totally diminished from this world, needless to say that peace is something that we could always breathe in and out easily, effortlessly. If only everyone did not overemphasizing differences, everybody will live in harmony by putting aside all differences and paid more attention the commonality and similarity…


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The Value of Thinking Design for a More Effective Instructional Performance of Museum Exhibit in Informal learning Practices.

As a growing force, informal learning appears to favor further attention and exploration with its potential and valuable contribution to the dynamic of learning in the 21ct century (The Teaching Firm, 1998). At the onset, the growth of technology and its implementations and practices have transformed learning into a multidimensional paradigm. This multidimensional paradigm of…

Sensing the Instructional Design: Overview, Perspective, and History

(source for picture: What is Instructional Design? What are principles of learning and instruction underlying the concept of instructional design? How have instructional design been evolved? These questions are a prerequisite to explore further about the field of instructional design that serves as a basic foundation towards the values in instructional design. Therefore, the…

Agree to disagree; disagree to agree. Let it be.

I have been told that I’m broken in some way and I’m less of a woman because I’m not yet there in saying “I do”. I have been told that I’m only worth something as a woman, or thought of as a ‘complete’ woman, when I’m attached to a man, get married, and have children…

A Quest to Media Effect in Learning

The influence of media in learning has provided basis for researchers and practitioners to a quest towards certain targeted media where learning experience is determined by the active interaction between media and the learners. It is still a quest because research about media and instructional technology which related to media studies has yet providing consistent…

Wikis In The Classroom

This is the presentation I used in my “Using Wikis in the Classroom” training session for teachers. more about "Wikis In The Classroom", posted with vodpod

Introduction to Google Apps For Education

Presentation to admins that attempts to explain why I think Google Apps for Ed is a good deal for our school. more about "Introduction to Google Apps For Educa…", posted with vodpod